The “Proof” in Baking

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This post comes from a Pinterest bread recipe that I mucked up last weekend. I learned about “proofing” the hard way. The “Proof” in Baking was a concept that I did not quite understand. For an impatient person, this is not something you want to mess with.

The "Proof" in BakingMy baking inspiration started when I found an awesome deal on a used Kitchen Aid mixer. I got it for $100 in good condition and it also had the flour guard too. This is a plus because even on a good day I can manage to create a cloud of flour in the kitchen.

I had a line up of cookies, rolls and cinnamon rolls that I wanted to put together with my new mixer. The cinnamon rolls and cookies were at hit! The rolls, not so much. And here my friends is where I get in to “proofing”

What is “proofing” –

It’s the period of time between mixing and then baking where you let the dough rise. It gives the dough time to ferment and resting period. I got an awesome tip from Mare over at Gioia Bakes to make the proofing process easier.


Tip: Preheat your oven. Cover your dough with saran wrap and then a damp towel. Sit on top of the stove and the warm surface will cut down on the proof time.

Being this was my first time making rolls, I figured I would just wing it with the proof time. The recipe Iproofinbakingdinnerrolls tried called for 2 hours. Yeah right. I have hungry kids threatening to raid my kitchen for whatever is edible at the moment so the rolls are gonna have to hurry it up.

Here is where I messed up:

1. I covered the dough with saran wrap but did not cover it with a damp towel.

2. I underestimated the proofing time and put the dough in the oven about an hour earlier than the recipe called for.

Of course there are several other factors like making sure of the expiration date on the yeast that you use and a few other tips.I have been bugging Mare and she hooked me up with a bunch of baking tips for future posts that I will share with you!

Summing up this entire soft fluffy yeast roll disaster and short of scaring a few small children, I think I will follow the directions more closely when I attempt to make this roll recipe again.

Until the next Hot Mess…


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