DIY Hurricane Lights

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Originally posted on my old website and moved to The Hot Mess Kitchen for our DIY section! We live in a hurricane prone area and can never depend on the power staying on for long during a storm. With hurricane season having already started on June 1st, there’s no better time to get prepared. Check out what we use that is both frugal and useful during a power outage!



DIY Hurricane Lights

DIY Home – Hurricane Emergency Lighting

Today’s post hits Home for me. We live in a hurricane prone area and have also had a few unexpected ice storms that have knocked out the power. Imagine no power mixed with extreme heat and humidity or ice and snow, and then add two toddlers and two dogs. Fun times, right? The absolute last thing I need to be worrying about is stumbling around in the dark.



Side note from Sarah:

Most of the items in this post can be found in the clearance section now that summer is coming to and end.

With Fall quickly approaching and a lot of home and garden items going on sale, what better time to post on a quick and inexpensive way to create DIY Hurricane/Emergency Lighting! This idea is energy efficient, budget friendly and can be repurposed for multi occasions. Being prepared does not mean you have to go broke. Batteries are so expensive and could be used for more important things like weather radios. Better to know this and be ready now, instead of waiting for the power to go out!

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Here is what you will need to get started:Hurricane Emergency Lights

  • A flower pot or bucket
  • Potting soil or play sand
  • Sidewalk solar lights
  • A well lit area for your solar lights to soak up some sun during the day

Here is how it all comes together:

  1. Fill your flower pot or bucket with the above mentioned potting soil or play sand
  2. Stick solar lights in your flower pot or bucket and put outside in an area that will get at least 4-8 hours of light
  3. Make sure your flower pot or bucket can allow water to escape. Drill small holes in the bottom to allow for drainage.

During a storm, you can bring these lights indoors without worry of causing a fire or having to ventilate for fumes. My DIY Hurricane Emergency Lights are safe (if you use the lights like in the picture, you can remove the pointed stake at the bottom) and will recharge quickly when the sun comes out again.

Total cost for this project:

  1. Bucket or Flower Pot = Repurpose from your home making them free to as cheap as $5
  2. Potting Soil or Play Sand = I was able to find both of these items at the dollar store. I used 2 small bags of potting soil making my purchase $2
  3. Sidewalk solar lights = I found these on summer clearance at Wal-Mart priced anywhere from $.50 to $.97 each

For those of you wondering if a quick revamp of older solar lights will work, let me tell you what I did. I found a post on Pinterest about sanding the solar light panel and then painting it over with clear nail polish. It WORKS! My lights were very bright just like the day I brought them home from the store. So, case closed on using older lights. As long as the bulbs are good, you can lightly sand the solar panel and repaint using clear nail polish to bring back the night time shine.

[tweetthis]Revamp older solar lights with sand paper and clear nail polish! Bright & good as new…[/tweetthis]

As you can see, being prepared will not cost a lot for this DIY Home project! My favorite part about this project is how pretty the solar lights look in my flower pots at night time!

Until the next Hot Mess…. 


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