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Chicken Quesadillas using Steak Umms


Am I the only one that experiences a swing of emotions while cooking? You don’t? Well, perhaps you’d feel differently if you were attempting to cook Steak-Umm Cheese Quesadillas with me in the kitchen. It was a good idea for lunch, but turned into an outright haterade session over processed chicken.

steam-umm cheese quesadillas


I am going to get my healthy mom disclosure out of the way now. I read the back on the label while standing in the grocery store. The only reason we purchased Steak-Umms is because there was a coupon and they were cheap. I have never had them before, so it would not be a big loss to me if they were awful. We do not eat like this everyday. My kids will tell you in a heartbeat that mom enforces the two vegetable rule.

chicken quesadillas

So what’s up with these Steam-Umm cheesesteak things? Lunch needed to be quick so I figured whipping up some chicken quesadillas would be no big deal. The kitchen was clean and ready to go. I had all of the ingredients needed. Steak-umms chicken strips, cheese, tortillas, sour cream and salsa. All I needed to do was put two and two together and cook them up.

For this meal, I used off brand shredded colby and cheddar cheese, sour cream, salsa and picked up a cheap pack of tortillas from Walmart. Now to be fair, the directions for cooking are clearly labeled on the back of the package. Well greased pan at a certain temperature. I can do this.

Step #1 – Warm the well greased pan to medium/medium high heat depending on your stove. Done.

Step #2 – lay sheet of chicken in pan and cook until it turns white.

Approximately 1 minute and 20 seconds. Done.


Somewhere in there I could not find instructions on what to do when your chicken starts to fall apart and you can not separate it from the paper. I guess I could have laid the entire sheet down and pulled the paper off in the pan. That thought came after it was all said and done.

chicken quesadillas

Here is where my feelings start coming apart about this sheet of chicken. What exactly am I looking at? How is this made? My expectations for processed chicken come in the form of nuggets at a fast food restaurant, not on a sheet of wax paper. This is where I start second guessing my lunch selection and wonder if we should chunk it and just make pb&j’s.

Step #3 – the tortilla and cheese.

Finally, something I am familiar with! Unless you have your heat up to high, it’s pretty hard to mess this up. It’s best to add a quick squirt of Pam to avoid having your tortillas stick or burn. The goal is to have them in the pan cooking for about 2 minutes per side. Stay with them and don’t walk off to do the laundry or something. You will end up with a black tortilla.

chicken quesadillas

Step #4 – add cheese.

For the sake of sparing yourself a pre-soak treatment before your pan hits the dishwasher, try not to get cheese all over the pan and stay on the tortilla. However, if you get a little cheese crazy, I have the perfect Shaklee answer called Scour Off that will get that burnt on cheese off in a jiffy.

Step #5 – add chicken.

I gave the chicken a quick chop into bite size pieces so I had enough to stretch across 4 medium sized quesadillas. Just be careful, get your knife and start chopping.

Step #6 – add another layer of cheese and a tortilla.

Remember, about 2 minutes per side. You are going for a nice, slow melt on the cheese because the chicken slices are already cooked.

Step #7 – Serve hot with a side of salsa and sour cream and enjoy!

chicken quesadillas

Will I make chicken quesadillas again using Steak-umm chicken strips, probably not. However, they were not half bad for a quick lunch idea which I believe is the point of the thin strips to begin with.


Until the next Hot Mess…..


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