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Christmas Clearance


Anyone catch a great deal or two with your after Christmas clearance shopping? I like to get gift bags, bows, lights and wrapping paper at cheap prices after Christmas.

Christmas Clearance

Score on Valentine’s Day crafts and food when you shop the Christmas clearance deals!

Last year I lucked out and found red and brown Christmas burlap marked at 50% off! There were also beautiful rolls of brown burlap with red shiny material. Can you guess what is coming up that I can use red and brown to celebrate with? You guessed it! Valentine’s Day!

Christmas Clearance

It is fair to say that we pinch our pennies after the holidays, but there is always something that I keep a budget for and that is after Christmas clearance sales. I have a plastic tote or two designated just for after Christmas clearance shopping so I can store items to use for Valentine’s Day and for next year’s holiday season. I can’t tell you how many times having left over white or red gift tissue paper has saved me for an impromptu invite to a birthday party or baby shower. Not to mention, how many times over the summer I have broken out a plastic “Christmas” table cloth and used it on our kitchen table when the kids were painting, playing with Play-Doh or making other crafts.

Here are a few “Think Ahead” tips on purchasing Christmas Sale items for Valentine’s day and what I plan on using them for!


  • Use white and red gift bags to make Valentine’s Day treat bags
  • Use brown/red burlap to make a Valentine’s day wreath for the door
  • Anyone celebrate Christmas in July with their families? Now would be a perfect time to get many items at 1/2 off like cards, shampoo and perfume gift sets and candles.
  • Use white and red bows on Valentine’s Day gifts for Grandparents

bags, bows and wrapping paper - christmas clearance


Tip: Use white & red gift bags to make Valentine’s Day treat bags.


  • Red and white sprinkles on the Christmas clearance shelves can be used to decorate cupcakes and cakes for Valentine’s Day
  • White/Red bags of Hershey Kisses from Christmas would work well for Valentine’s Day treat bags
  • Use any chocolate candy from Christmas to fill cupcakes with a special treat. While filling your cupcake liners, put a mini piece of chocolate in the middle and bake. This will create a warm chocolaty center that is incredibly delicious!

cupcakes, sprinkles, red - christmas clearance


  • plastic table covers for birthday parties, painting crafts with the kids and making fabric garland
  • paper decorations in standard Christmas colors – white, red, gold, silver and green
  • Christmas fabrics including colors for gold, silver and red

Below is an example of using an after Christmas clearance find to make beautiful decorations the following year for your tree. My good friend Mare from GioiaBakes sent me these beautiful pictures of her Christmas tree. I responded that she must have paid a fortune for that type of fabric that was so elegantly placed around her tree to give it shimmers of light and color accent colors. She laughed and said the gold fabric you see below is simply from a clearance find of the shimmery gold gift paper and table coverings. You would never be able to tell that she paid less than a dollar for the material and is using it every holiday season to create such a beautiful Christmas tree!

christmas tree ribbon - gioiabakes.com

So there you have it! Giving you some ideas on how to use the Christmas clearance section to help your budget for other holidays, food and crafts. I’ve already got my after Christmas clearance list made so I can go in search of some cheap and great finds for Valentine’s Day and for next year.

Until the next Hot Mess…..


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  1. I’ve already stocked up on some awesome Christmas clearance. I picked up stocking stuffers for the kids and got a great discount on some of the holiday makeup sets as well as decorations and more.

  2. That’s awesome! I never thought about picking up the makeup sets! I bet you can save a lot of money when getting the gift sets on clearance.

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