Finding the Deals on Coupons Match Ups

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I wanted to talk to you about an important step in using coupons. Coupon match-up services. Why is this important for Finding the Deals? Read along to find out how using coupon match ups save me time and money at the store.


Coupon match-up services take the work out of finding the deals at your local grocery stores. These lists are put together by folks who can view the upcoming grocery ads ahead of time, or in my case create match-ups the day of. Sorry, I don’t have any super powers to see the deals early…..yet.

Finding local coupon match-up services is as easy as opening a Google Search and then typing your “city/state name” along with “coupon match-ups”. Not finding something with your city name? No problem, omit the city and just search by state. Not every store may be available, but the majority of stores will be covered. In my area, the larger grocery stores would be Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion and Walmart.

Here is what you can expect to see when looking at a typical coupon match-up.

  • may be formatted as an excel sheet or printable pdf
  • includes sale items for that week
  • includes coupon details for items that have a coupon available
  • will show the coupon insert date/type example: Smart Source (SS) 2/22 $1/1 Named Product
  • will include links for printable coupons if available
  • may include pre-sale price, sale price, and price after coupon

Ok, so what’s up with the last bullet point? Sure, you probably have a calculator at home or on your smart phone. Do you really want to spend time doing the math on what the cost of the item would be after the coupon? Me neither.

It’s helpful to know what price you should be looking for when you hit the stores to shop. In my case, I have my trip pre-planned, so I am literally skimming the aisle to find the product/price/sale price and moving on to the next item. I normally have 2 kids in tow and grocery store time management is key to avoiding a kid meltdown in the middle of aisle 6.

I was once a coupon aisle browser with my big ole binder in hand. Now with the help of coupon match-up services, I already know what I am shopping for and have pulled the coupons and made a list before I even leave the house!

Until the next hot mess…..

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