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Were you the lucky recipient of a popcorn tin for Christmas? Have you eaten all of the popcorn? Don’t throw away the popcorn tin!

mod podge popcorn tin

Popcorn tins go on the list every Christmas for a few of the guys in my family. Nothing better than a huge tin of mixed flavored popcorn! My kids sat and watched a movie with their grandpa as he shared his popcorn tin with them.

p.s. – I linked a couple of the craft supplies in this post to my favorite online store with a smile on the box. Nothing makes a day more awesome than getting a box of goodies delivered right to your house!

Don’t get me wrong, the tins can be super useful once all of the popcorn is gone. But, the decorations on them can get quite dated unless you plan on storing them in the garage. I only write this as we have about seven or so popcorn tins sitting in my kitchen at the moment and I need to find a way to reuse them.

So, why not decorate them with mod podge? This fixes the problem of having holiday tins sitting around in the kitchen.

For this project, I decided to decorate one of the tins using mod podge and the comics from our Sunday newspaper. The other tin got a mod podge makeover in gift wrapping paper that my sister used in a birthday present. The paper was too pretty to throw away so I saved it to repurpose for something else. My tissue paper obsession may have just been exposed in that last statement. I don’t throw that stuff away. It gets folded neatly and saved for the holidays. Yes, I totally know that you can pick up a pack of 20 sheets of NEW tissue paper at the dollar store, but why spend money when all you have to do is re-fold it neatly and save it for the next gift?

TIP: Use a piece of cardboard to wrap your tissue paper around. This keeps it flat and as close to the original creases as possible. 

Mod podging popcorn tins took us a minute to get the hang of because our first tin was odd-shaped. I picked this one to re-purpose for my sons Lego’s because it is big and has a pretty cool handle on the top. To keep simple, I am going to show you our project with a paint can shaped popcorn tin.

With a little goo gone and a quick rinse to remove the sticker and popcorn crumbs, it was ready to go for our craft project. Here’s how I took holiday popcorn tins and turned them in to re-purposed storage for Lego’s and more!

Make a Mod Podge Popcorn Tin in to something awesome!

mod podge - before


Step 1: Eat all of the popcorn in those popcorn tins from Christmas. Or, put up a post on social media that you are collecting all of those popcorn tins for a craft project. If your family is like mine, they will have no problem donating to your crafty cause.

TIP: Got some leftover stale popcorn that you don’t want to eat? Use a sewing needle and some string to make a popcorn garland strand to hang outside for the birds. Thread larger pieces of popcorn in the middle with your needle until you have about a foot or two in length. This is a fun project to make with the kids and to watch when the birds come out for spring!

Step 2: Clean out all of the popcorn crumbs and take off all of the labels and stickers. We used Goo Gone on a couple of the tough spots on the larger tin. I’ve heard WD-40 takes off sticky stuff as well as nail polish remover.

Step 3: Make sure your popcorn tins are clean and dry. I wanted to start crafting as soon as we cleaned ours, so we used a clean dry towel to wipe them dry.

mod podge - supplies

Step 4: Gather supplies. For this project we used:

  • Mod Podge – Gloss Lustre
  • 2 sponge brushes
  • 1 wide craft paint brush
  • Scissors
  • An X-Acto knife to trim around your popcorn tin handles.
  • a pin or pencil to mark out the places where you need to cut the paper
  • 2 popcorn tins left over from Christmas
  • Old newspaper and a few plastic trays to work on. You could also use an old plastic shower curtain or a cheap holiday table cover like the ones I found on clearance after Christmas. Check out my post on the other crafty things I am using my after Christmas Clearance items for on Valentine’s Day.
  • A fan or you can set your popcorn tins in a clear area or window to dry.
  • Sunday comics from the newspapers I buy each week for coupon inserts.
  • Decorative tissue paper from a previous birthday gift.

Let’s get to work.


mod podge - application

Step 5: Measure out your paper against your tin. I would recommend using the reverse side of your paper to mark up the guide to cut out around the handles. As you can see, I had already mod podged my tin before measuring. I WILL measure next time because the measure as you go method stinks! Make sure you leave about a half-inch from the top clear of paper. This makes it easier to close the popcorn tin lid unless you plan on using the tin without the lid.


Step 6: After you have all of the paper measurements worked out, start with one tin at a time. Use your sponge brush to apply a healthy coating of mod podge to the tin.  I would recommend working in sections or half’s so your mod podge does not dry out before you get to that side. As you can see, I enlisted a helper for this process.

TIP: For this project, you will be applying a layer of mod podge to the tin first, and then another layer covering your paper to create a tough exterior. After applying the first layer and your paper, let it sit for just a minute to dry.

2nd coat
2nd coat

Step 7: Once you’ve got the paper the way you want it on your popcorn tin, time to let it sit and dry. We used 2 coats of mod podge on the outside of our popcorn tins. With plans on using one of the tins as a Lego storage container, I knew this thing might take a beating in my sons room. A second coat of mod podge was a good idea to ensure the paper was on the tin and added strength against bumps and scratches.

Mod Podge finished valentines day

Step 8: Decorate your tins after they have dried. You could leave the lid as its original color or wrap a bow around the top before you stuff it with goodies. Here are a few ways to use your re-purposed mod podge popcorn tins:

  • Fill it with cookies or candies as a Valentine’s Day gift for grandparents. Mom & Dad, hope you are not reading this because this is your present. I’m not going to tell you what will be inside. Oops…
  • Use your re-purposed popcorn tin to store anything in the kitchen. It could be a utensil holder for the holidays, or a place to hide Girl Scout thin mint cookies from the kids. My kids can only read sight words right now so my secret is safe with you all!


finished tins

Enjoy your newly decorated popcorn tins! We’ll have to see what comes next, so until the next Hot Mess…..


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  1. This is so cool! I have yet to experiment with mod podge, but I think that I might up some craft supplies and give it a try. I love the idea of redecorating these tins so that they can be reused for something else.

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