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As a mom, I rarely wish for much. In fact, my wish list for making life easier is pretty short. It includes a need for a dryer that dries and folds laundry, bedrooms that clean themselves and travel cups that travel well in the car without spills. Am I asking for too much? I don’t think so. The unfortunate thing is that technology has failed me so far on two of the three things on my list. Or so I thought.

Life was great with portable snack cups until I washed a Snackeez cup in the dishwasher.

Why can’t this cup just work?

My kids got Snackeez cups from Santa last year in their stockings. It seemed like the perfect gift idea. On Christmas morning, the kids each had milk in their cups with  dry cereal on top. We avoided spills that day and were able to reuse the cups later that night on a car ride to see Christmas lights. And then comes my Snackeez fail.

Here at The Hot Mess Kitchen, I am a big fan of travel drink cups. I use them, my kids use them and even the dogs have travel water bottles for long trips. I thought I had landed the perfect drink cups when we saw our first Snackeez commercial. While a self folding dryer and bedrooms that have “self clean” mode have baffled their creators thus far, the portable snack cup of my dreams seemed to have come to reality.

That snappy Snackeez jingle had my kids up and dancing on every commercial. Soon after my kids were even writing down Snackeez cups on their wish list to Santa. I seriously thought this plastic cup was the answer to the numerous spills that other cups had left me to clean up. Not to mention, the benefits of an all in one snack cup can be rationalized by my Tupperware cabinet which spewed disorganization as I fought to find matching lids and containers.snackeez cup misfit (1)

Here is why I will never buy another Snackeez cup….. ever.

My drink cup wish list.

Finding the perfect portable snack cup seems to be a never-ending battle. Is it too big? Is it too small? Is it dishwasher safe? Is it BPA free? The list could go on and on. A Snackeez cup seemed to fit the bill. It looked like it might be the perfect size for milk and cereal on the go to school in the mornings.

Lets address the issue of kids and portable drink cups.

I am always searching for kitchen solutions to make our lives easier. Snackeez cups seemed to be the perfect answer for our morning breakfast routines and afternoon snacks in the car. The top part of the cup holds the perfect amount of goldfish crackers, pretzels or even yogurt and it has a lid that snaps. The bottom part of this portable drink cup is large enough to hold a decent amount of liquid and has a long plastic reusable straw with a stopping point to keep the straw from coming out. I really wanted this plastic cup to be the end of my drink cup dilemma.

Is it dishwasher safe?

As a rule in The Hot Mess Kitchen, everything in my kitchen has to be dishwasher safe. There are only a few things that I can’t put in the dishwasher and those few things are kitchen items that get used a hand full of times out of the year. When choosing Snackeez cups for my kids, I was careful to read the box to make sure they are dishwasher safe. “Dishwasher safe on the top rack only”. OK, got it. I can comply with this request.


With this cup having two pieces, storage did not seem like a big deal. If it worked out, a Snackeez cup would eliminate the few extra containers and lids I keep in the cabinets. It made me happy to see that there were not a lot of pieces. There’s the snack cup at the top with a lid that snaps on. The straw and then the cup part at the bottom. Once washed, it could all go back together and hang out in the cabinet with our other cups until I needed it again.

The dilemma.

We were able to get about a months worth of use out of each of the Snackeez cups before the lids became harder and harder to put on. The plastic cup part at the top has a threaded base that locks in place with the bottom of the cup. When new, the cup never spilled when tipped over. After a few rounds in the dishwasher, I had spills.

The top “snack part” of the Snackeez cup never lost its shape. The lid is easy to wash and then store for the next use. The bottom of the cup is the part that lost its shape. The perfect circle opening started to almost melt and became deformed when washed making it virtually impossible use with the snack cup. This happened with TWO Snackeez cups!

melted Snackeez cup

I think it’s important to stop here and say that I was washing these cups in the dishwasher as recommended on the back of the label. We do not use the high water temp setting on the dish washer either and our water heater and dish washer are set to the recommended operating temperatures. The only time in the past that I have ever lost a cup to the dishwasher was when a Tervis Tumbler lid slipped through the top rack and landed on the drying element and melted. That was a sad and stinky day.

So a Snackeez cup definitely failed the test when it comes to surviving in The Hot Mess Kitchen. It seemed like a good idea until we actually got the product and started using it. My kids were super disappointed that they did not work and ended up in the trash. I didn’t even waste my time calling the company to report this flaw in the cup. For the money we paid, I would not invest in another Snackeez cup even if it meant hand washing it after every use. It’s just not worth the time and hassle or the spills. I’d rather put my money towards a more durable cup like a Tervis Tumbler and go back to using plastic snack containers.

Until the next hot mess…..

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