DIY Umbrella Stand

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Welcome June! The month where school is out for the summer, the kids have plenty of energy and I am making up plans to keep them busy. One outdoor activity we enjoy often is time in our pool. The only problem is the part of our yard where the pool is has little to no shade. I have two umbrellas but only one umbrella stand. Whats a girl to do? Make her own DIY umbrella stand of course!

This project is super simple,took about 10 minutes to put together, costs about $5 or FREE (if you already have the supplies) and will last for a long time. I think my favorite part of this DIY Umbrella Stand is how portable it is.

We can use it in the yard, on the boat when we stop at a sand bar or even on the back porch when we need just a little extra shade when company comes over.

Here’s how I put it all together. For this project you will need:

a patio or beach umbrella

a 5 gallon bucket with a sturdy lid that fits

play sand

a few bricks to use as weight

a sharp knife


Find a good place where you need temporary shade.

Fill your bucket almost to the top with play sand.

Put the lid securely on the bucket.

With the sharp knife, cut about a 2 inch slit in the direct center of the bucket lid and repeat in the opposite direction so you have an “x” slit cut into the lid.

Stick your umbrella pole in the center of the bucket lid and push down until the pole is firmly in the sand.

Stack a few bricks around the pole on top of the bucket lid for extra weight in case there is a gust of wind.

There you have it, a DIY Umbrella Stand made from a bucket, play sand and a few bricks.

My cost on this project includes the $5 bag of play sand. I already had a clean 5 gallon bucket, bricks from the yard and a borrowed swiss army knife from my husbands toolbox. Our umbrella in this project is a spare umbrella that we normally use when we go out on the boat.

Here are some great places to use your DIY Umbrella Stand:

at the park for temporary shade

on the back porch to block the direct sun

at the beach

on the boat

for a picnic

A few other bucket filler ideas:

Instead of play sand, you could sub dirt from the yard or even go a step further and fill with fast setting concrete mix.

If you choose the concrete idea, I would recommend this quick tip:

Before you prepare the fast setting concrete mix, slip a PVC pipe over the umbrella pole to make sure it fits. A good 3′ piece of PVC should work as a stable stand. Hold the PVC in the middle of the bucket, pour fast setting concrete mix around the PVC and put the lid on the bucket making sure the PVC goes in the middle slit that you cut. This will hold the PVC in place allowing the concrete to dry. The end result is a good weighted bucket with a PVC pole in the middle ready to go for any umbrella!

I would love to hear how you are using your DIY Umbrella Stand. Leave a comment and tell us how you are using it and if you did anything different!


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