How To Clean House When You Are Not Inspired

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I have got a serious problem. I need to clean my house (and my kitchen) but I am not in the least bit inspired to do it. There are several reasons why and I am sure some of my reasons would be similar to yours.

  • too tired
  • no one (my kids) wants to help
  • lack of inspiration
  • too busy
  • overwhelmed and not knowing where to start

My husband and I have been working on having our kids clean up after themselves. I will tell you as a parent that this does not happen over night. Constant reminders and sometimes even yelling occurs and we still slack off in our responsibilities. I honestly do get overwhelmed in just reminding the kids to clean up.

Respect your personal space, clean up after yourself and this house is not a trashcan. source: me to my kids

These are some of the things I find myself saying to them. I have to admin that the one thing I hate cleaning up after the most are the little stupid skinny clear straw papers that come stuck on the Capri Sun drink pouches. They seem to be everywhere in my house!

I just don’t get how these straw paper things get literally everywhere. Under the couch, in the middle of the living room, in the kids bedrooms and even in their beds! I have rationalized with the kids several times. This would be me,

 Come on kids. The paper is STUCK to the pouch. There are ZERO reasons why this straw paper should even come off. Just leave it on there! – source: also me to my kids

Despite my stress over these annoying clear straw papers, I find myself looking at the bigger picture which is lack of inspiration and simply being overwhelmed. I literally have one clean place in my house which is the guest bathroom and even that is sometimes hard to keep clean because the kids are in there in the morning getting ready for school.

Pin this to Pinterest!

I have tried many things to get organized. Some methods work some of the time and others are a big fat flop that leave me worse than when I started. The cleaning method that backfired was the laundry basket dumping ground method. What, you’ve never heard of that? I bet you have done this too but you just call it something else in your house.

The laundry basket dumping ground is where every night I put any and all things that don’t belong in the living room in to a big laundry basket. Then, I slide the basket down the hall or ask one of the kids to do it. The point is the basket should end up in front of the kids rooms and they pick out what ever belongs to them and put it away.

Do you know what happened. The laundry basket stayed in the hall and the pile of junk in it got larger and larger. Then I had small complainers in their house complaining about missing toys that they could not find… ironically that ended up IN that basket!

I have decided that I am going to look for some help in my sad, failed attempts to clean. My lists and “creative” ideas are failing and I need help before the clutter in the house caves in on me. The only tiny benefit I can find to the clutter is that maybe I can go hide under it where no one can find me and then I won’t have to cook dinner. Just kidding… sort of.


My search for clutter inspiration first landed in Pinterest. We won’t even go there with what happened. I changed my mind, yes we will. I found LOTS of ways to organize but my problem is that I sat and read about it and didn’t do anything except stay on Pinterest. It was a trap!

Cleaning Maid

This idea flew out as quickly as it flew in. My budget is tight as we are working on becoming debt free like many other folks for the New Year. I am looking to decrease spending and clutter and a cleaning maid would add to a weekly or monthly expense. I had to scratch this idea off the list with a bold black marker so I will never look at it again!


Lists are awesome. I got some different colored pens, cool paper and even a nice little pink notebook to keep track. Then my notebook got full, I lost track and started using loose pieces of paper. Then the loose pieces of paper landed in a pile on my work desk and turned in to MORE clutter! Lists are great to look at but ineffective for me for reasons that I still can not understand!

Paid Organizational Classes

Wait, what! WHY am I going to PAY for a month long class to learn how to get organized if I can’t even afford a maid. Um, no. I can barely afford to pay attention these days much less pay for a class and complete it. Needless to say, I continued searching. My rational was that people pay cleaning ladies right? If cleaning ladies can get paid weekly if not monthly then perhaps I would give this paid class option a chance. Here are some things I learned about paid classes and the pro’s and con’s.

  • Not all paid classes are the same.
  • Some paid classes are only a intro with a mini lesson that leads up to having to pay more for MORE tools and inspiration.
  • Who are these people offering the classes and how can I trust their information?
  • How long is this class going to take and during what part of my already busy day can I afford to stop to attend?

I found lots of classes via apps for my phone, iPad and computer. Some you can listen to while you clean, others you have to sit down and read. With all of these options coming up in my search, I started to develop a checklist except it was not a cleaning one. It was a list on what I NEEDED from the class.

  • has to be inexpensive
  • has to be a one time expense
  • has to be simple
  • has to be quick
  • has to have tons of resources
  • has to WORK and KEEP working for my family

I found THAT class! Even better, I had heard of the author AND I trust her advice!

SOLD. Take my money now!

So what was this magic decluttering class that had me all sorts of excited to get off my butt and actually clean? It is Becky Mansfields Teachable class, Whole-House Decluttering Guide. Best yet, my goals for getting organized and cleaning were right in the title, “7 days to a clutter-free home“. The class will take you through decluttering 5 rooms in 7 days while the free book, FREED from CLUTTER will go in to a full 30 days of decluttering your home!

This is a easy to understand course using the Teachable platform and comes with a FREE copy of the FREED from CLUTTER book by Becky Mansfield. Seriously, this class is easy to follow. In fact, the very first lesson had a printable resource that I PRINTED and FRAMED for motivation.

Full Image Permission: Becky Mansfield of Your Modern Family
Full Image Permission: Becky Mansfield of Your Modern Family

This little list is what my brain needed. Maybe I was really needing someone to organize my brain first and then I could organize my house? In fact, that is exactly what I needed. Someone please organize my brain of all the de-cluttering methods and show me how to use one method that works!

In addition to the Teachable class and eBook, you can also join a exclusive Facebook group where others are going through the declutter challege with you! Going through your challenge with others who share pictures of their cluttered and decluttered rooms, words of motivation to keep going and easy to follow declutter instructions for you home.

One more thing! You will get LOTS of step by step instructions. These instructions are so different from the checklists I mentioned as they come with a plan and are relevant to each room you declutter for good.

If you are curious as to what rooms you cover in the 7 day challenge, here they are in order.

  • DAY 1: kitchen
  • DAY 2: the bedroom(s)
  • DAY 3: the bathroom(s)
  • DAY 4: the living room
  • DAY 5: the entryway
  • DAY 6: catchup day
  • DAY 7: extra rooms
  • and then a follow up day

I should mention that I love the kitchen part. Not because I am partial to my kitchen, but because the class really is broken down to cover every part of your kitchen where clutter can find a home on countertops, under countertops, kitchen drawers and the fridge & freezer. Those are my kitchen problem spots too so I will have to revisit this chapter a few times a month to remain accountable for it!

Are you ready to declutter your home? The time is probably long overdue so what are you waiting for?

Full Image Permission: Becky Mansfield of Your Modern Family
Full Image Permission: Becky Mansfield of Your Modern Family

The class is normally $47 BUT if you use my link you can get it for $19!

That’s a bargain considering you probably pay more to put gas in your car.

If you are tired of coming home to clutter everywhere and are ready to sick a fork in it and call it done (like what I did there?), then Beckys Teachable class Whole-House Decluttering Guide is going to be the best $19 investment for your home, health and sanity!

Whole-House Decluttering Guide


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