Welcome to The Hot Mess Kitchen.

You know those cooking mistakes you make in the kitchen? The ones where something goes wrong and it’s not what you were after, but you still end up with a delicious-looking dish on your countertop? We call them “Hot Messes.” You know, because they’re messy. And hot

Hi, I’m Sarah!

The Hot Mess Kitchen is my food blog that celebrates these cooking mishaps by teaching readers how to be better cooks in the kitchen using simple recipes and kitchen tips. My mission is to help people become better cooks by making them laugh at my failures, encouraging them to try new things, and giving them new cooking skills for when they inevitably mess up again.

Most days my microwave is filled with a bag of goldfish crackers, a loaf of bread, and a half-eaten cookie cake. My sink does not know what it feels like to not have a load or more of dishes in it waiting to be washed.

There is so much more to share including how I am working to maintain a healthier lifestyle to combat a chronic, allergic inflammatory disease (EoE) and how I am a few recipes shy of having a complete family cookbook.

Ps, please excuse the mess. Much like my kitchen, this food blog is undergoing a deep cleaning to update older posts, fix formatting, and to make the blog a more user-friendly experience to view on both desktop and mobile screens. I’m cleaning it up in my spare time, one post at a time!


Where you can find me!

When I’m not in the kitchen, you can find me spending time with my family at home or indulging in all of the wonderful snacks at Walt Disney World! I love sharing my day to day on Instagram, so be sure to connect with us there!